After supplying FlowBiz products, we are obliged to our customers globally to provide access to quality services and support in terms of Desk support, technical guidance, availability of spares and expert visits on site. FlowBiz always tries to be in touch with customers and takes its role as a supplier very seriously to be at peace.



Warranty Support

FlowBiz standard warranty on all products is 18 months from the date of dispatch or 12 months from installation, whichever is earlier. Products found defective under the warranty period are returned to FlowBiz Plant for repair or replacement. For special services, we provide on-site assistance globally. We depute our service engineers on a prior basis for exceptional cases.

Desk Support

Desk support through telephone, WhatsApp and emails are available between 9.30 – 6.00 pm (India & U.S.A Time), Monday to Saturday (Except Holidays). It makes us the fastest after-sales service provider for valves’ primary function, standard troubleshooting, installation assistance, spares & warranty support.

Emergency Call Support

FlowBiz service personnel are ever ready to attend to any emergency calls throughout the year to bring solution & support to customers when he is in need.

How we started our journey?
FlowBiz products are fully integrated and serve a wide segment of industrial applications, including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Chemical processes, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Water and other industrial markets. Our overseas network of offices, channel partners, distributors and highly knowledgeable sales and service staff are always ready to meet our customers' most firm requirements.
How we started our journey?

FlowBiz Exports Pvt. Ltd. offers 100% testing on every FlowBiz manufactured valve every time. Each body shell test, seat test and torque test are all recorded. Our QMS system is well integrated to store all our Test Certificates & Guarantee Certificates with the serial number, easily accessible and traceable.